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Rectifier Diode

A rectifier diode lets electrical current flow in only one direction and is mainly used for power supply operation. Rectifier diodes can handle higher current flow than regular diodes and are generally used in order to change alternating current into direct current. They are designed as discrete components or as integrated circuits and are usually fabricated from silicon and characterized by a fairly large P-N-junction surface. This results in high capacitance under reverse-bias conditions. In high-voltage supplies, two rectifier diodes or more may be connected in series in order to increase the peak-inverse-voltage (PIV) rating of the combination.

Standard rectifiers can be found regulating the power in computers, battery chargers for rechargeable batteries, computer power supplies and vehicle batteries. Also, while rectifier diodes are often used for AC to DC conversion, diodes with rectifying characteristics are found in other uses than in electronics.

General Purpose Rectifier Diode

  Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage       
50V 100V 200V 300V 400V 500V 600V 800V 1000V  
Average Forward Current 1.0A M1 M2 M3   M4   M5 M6 M7 PDF
S1A S1B S1D   S1G   S1J S1K S1M PDF
1A1 1A2 1A3   1A4   1A5 1A6 1A7 PDF
1N4001 1N4002 1N4003   1N4004   1N4005 1N4006 1N4007 PDF
1N4001S 1N4002S 1N4003S   1N4004S   1N4005S 1N4006S 1N4007S PDF
SM4001 SM4002 SM4003   SM4004   SM4005 SM4006 SM4007 PDF
1.5A 1N5391 1N5392 1N5393 1N5394 1N5395 1N5396 1N5397 1N5398 1N5399 PDF
GP15A GP15B GP15D   GP15G   GP15J GP15K GP15M  
RL151 RL152 RL153   RL154   RL155 RL156 RL157 PDF
2.0A RL201 RL202 RL203   RL204   RL205 RL206 RL207 PDF
  S2A S2B S2D   S2G   S2J S2K S2M PDF
2.5A RL251 RL252 RL253   RL254   RL255 RL256 RL257  
3.0A 1N5400 1N5401 1N5402 1N5403 1N5404 1N5405 1N5406 1N5407 1N5408 PDF
  S3A S3B S3D   S3G   S3J S3K S3M PDF
5.0A 5A05 5A1 5A2   5A4   5A6 5A8 5A10  
6.0A 6A05 6A1 6A2   6A4   6A6 6A8 6A10 PDF
10.0A 10A05 10A1 10A2   10A3   10A6 10A8 10A10  
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