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Which Type of Capacitors should you Use?

Date: 2021-12-29

Topdiode & UF capacitors as an 26+ ISO 9001: 2015 manufacturer in China. We are a reliable capacitors factory, and capacitors supplier. Engineers often ask us how to choose capacitors properly? Here we would like to share you some of our ideals of how to choose the proper capacitors. Capacitors are one of the main components in all electronic devices and vital to their operation. In modern electronics, you will most commonly find ceramic capacitors decoupling power supplies for almost every integrated circuit (IC) on a circuit board or aluminum electrolytic capacitors as bulk capacitance for a voltage regulator. However, capacitors are used in far more applications than just bypassing noise, and there are many more types of capacitors than only ceramic and aluminium electrolytic.

· Capacitors are used for:

·        * Coupling

·        * Decoupling

·        * Filters

·        * Energy storage/supply

·        * Impedance matching

·        * Snubbers

·        * and many more applications

Although all capacitors provide capacitance - they are not all equal. Capacitance is not the only critical parameter when selecting a capacitor, and each type of capacitor is used in different applications, so sometimes making the right choice is not an easy task. It would be best if you considered capacitance, maximum voltage, equivalent series resistance (ESR), equivalent series inductance (ESL), longevity, size, price, availability, parameters that change with temperature, and so on. For example, when choosing a bypass capacitor, the ESR and ESL parameters are essential. On the other hand, when choosing a capacitor for energy storage or sudden load change, current leakage can be more critical.
Choosing your capacitor primarily depends on your application and budget constraints. The price of capacitors can vary, from less than a cent to more than $100.

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